This breakout session is organised in collaboration with the US Embassy, The Climate Reality Project and Comex.

The climate crisis and the violence in our cities is not confined within country borders. International cooperation is vital now and in a world that is becoming smaller and smaller, there are opportunities to pick up and join forces with international partners. At the same time, these major global issues have a local context, with a great diversity of political, administrative and socio-economic realities, network structures and cultural views. For this reason, WDCD teamed up with the US Embassy in Mexico.

When thinking about the climate emergency we’re facing, more and more people are feeling anxious, dubbed climate anxiety. In this session we are looking at dealing with the climate emergency, thinking of children in the first place. How can we understand the problems that we are facing from the uncertainty that the next generation will feel towards their future?

This Breakout Session will look into how to communicate about feelings of climate anxiety and how to make decisions and develop strategies to improve the conditions of the future. Josh Fox will address the public to show them how to express their feelings about Climate change and Zoe Mendelson and María Conejo will search for a graphic and writing way to show it and communicate it.


To share experiences, learn to communicate and visualise feelings of climate anxiety


Josh Fox – Film director

Pussypedia – Zoe Mendelson (writer) and María Conejo (artist and illustrator) 


Breakout room


Workshop and discussion


In-person only