Context Influenced Design

Dive deep into popular and urban culture, problem solving and material culture

Hosted by Emerge MX: Kassim Vera | Special guests: Marina Willer, Deyan Sudjic & Elena Mallet


Designing The World Life Balance

Create a utopian vision and a prototype of socially responsible design

Hosted by Design Institute at FH Joanneum, Sigrid Bürstmayr & Karl Stocker | Presented by Foro Cultural de Austria en México


Feed love

Food goes to the stomach, but it can also activate the brain and can rouse strong memories and emotions

Hosted by Marije Vogelzang | Presented by Nutrisa


21 Million Cities

How do memories which happen in urban spaces shape our identity?

Hosted by FIG Projects Founders; Francisca Insulza & Fabrizio Gallanti | Presented by Embassy of Canada in Mexico


Digital Guild

Debate the interaction between handcraft and digital design

Hosted by Christophe Guberan Studio | Presented by Embassy of Switzerland in Mexico


Listening Out Loud

How do politically committed artists and socially engaged designers influence social processes?

Hosted by Brunnenpassage | Presented by Foro Cultural de Austria en México



Join the Gorilla collective for a day and create illustrations for social debate

Hosted by the The Daily Gorilla | Presented by Abierto Mexicano de Diseño

Sinking Cities

Join forces and establish new ideas on how to raise awareness about sinking cities

Hosted by Kummer & Herrman and Cynthia Boll Photography


Exclusive Design Challenge

May 24 | Design tailor-made solutions for real people with special needs.

Hosted by University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam, Communication and Multimedia Design