‘De Voorkamer’ (The Living Room) is a social design initiative that focusses on the creation of a new environment for asylum seekers and locals to meet. The project was initiated by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Pim van der Mijl, who now is working on further development of the project.

‘De Voorkamer’ is a platform that promotes the different personalities and talents of people living in a refugee centre as a tool for communication with the local society. The participants are encouraged to use their specific skills to create personal objects. The team’s activities generate involvement, confidence and pride. As the objects take shape, ‘De Voorkamer’ evolves into a living room. Dutch neighbours are invited to join the events of ‘De Voorkamer, events based on equality and hospitality.

With this project, Van der Mijl hopes to start ‘a movement that reacts with understanding and positivism on the arrival of refugees’.



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