In easy to understand words and imagery, the video ‘The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained’ discusses the reasons for the sudden influx of Syrian refugees in Europe and invalidates fears and myths that exist among Europeans. The video by Munich based YouTube channel and design studio In a Nutshell is one of a long series of information videos elucidating complex situations and phenomena.

In a Nutshell was founded in 2013 by Philipp Dettmer & Stephan Rether under the name of Kurtzgesagt. The studio engages in information design projects of all kinds. On its own YouTube-channel the studio publishes a new video every month, explaining complex subjects ranging from the human immune system, Ebola and nuclear energy to black holes and fundamental questions like ‘What is life?’

“These projects allow us to explore and experiment on making information and science beautiful and fun”, the makers say. “Nothing in this universe is boring if you tell a good story.”


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