Temstem, an app that gives people with psychosis back control over their own lives was awarded the Rotterdam Design Prize 2013. A dynamic boarding information display above train platforms won the Rotterdam Design Public Prize.

Temstem was developed by Reframing Studio and the Parnassia Groep. This app overloads the auditory working memory of patients with psychosis who frequently hear voices, thereby lessening those voices. Temstem guides the user through the transition from playing a game as a simple distraction to actively confronting the voices and hence reducing their long-term severity and malignity. The user gets assistance from Tim, a fictional character who acts as a “buddy” and is always available to help with gaining control over the voices.

Edenspiekermann and STBY developed the dynamic boarding information display for ProRail and NS Reizigers. Dynamic boarding information is a service innovation design consisting of a 180m-long LED display suspended directly above the train. The strip shows where the doors will be once the train stops; where first and second class and the quiet zone and bicycle storage area will be. But what is more, the system shows people awaiting the train how crowded the various carriages are, as measured by infrared sensors on board).