‘We didn’t want this to look like a medical device, it is a life enhancing device and we designed it as such, with simple and elegant design detailing and an effortlessness of use.’ Says Alex Bone, Creative Director at Mettle, a product design studio based in London. The studio designed a tiny, wearable tech device for dementia patients that warns their carers when they wander out of sight.

Easy to clip on clothing the Proximity Button sends a signal to an accompanying app on the carer’s smartphone. When the patient gets too far out of range from the phone, the carer gets a notification. This early-warning system, conceived by the daughter of a dementia carer, makes it more easy for carers and patients to go out without the fear of the patient getting lost.

‘We hope it will create a richer and more active life for those suffering with dementia and will empower carers by giving them peace of mind while they do their amazing, selfless work,’ Alex Bone told Dexigner.