‘Pictures of refugees in our media all look the same. We want refugees to frame themselves differently. Simply put, to reframe,’ say Marie-Louise Diekema and Tim Olland. Yesterday their idea ‘Reframe Refugees‘ was awarded with a Silver Lamp by ADCN (Advertising, design, creativity / Netherlands).

ADCN and WDCD Refugee Challenge teamed up in a special edition of ADCN’s Young Talent Awards for young creatives under 30. ADCN and WDCD invited all creative talent in the Netherlands to come up with game-changing ideas for accommodating, connecting, integrating and helping the personal development of refugees in urban areas.

During the annual ADCN awards ceremony, yesterday in Amsterdam, two Talent Lamps were handed out. The second, a Bronze Lamp, was for ‘Welcome Refugee Wifi’ by Luuk van der Put and Jurre. Their idea: open your Wifi network for refugees so that they can easily contact their loved ones elsewhere in the world. ‘On a (mobile) site we’ll show each and every ‘Welcome Refugees’ Wifi spot around the globe, inviting refugees into our cities, communities and lives’, the creators say.


Out of some forty entries five concepts were nominated. The other nominated projects are ‘Word By Word’ by Astrid Warmer, Myrthe van Dijk & Pool Worldwide – a game for citizens in the receiving country to help refugees learn the language – ‘Project EU Citizenship’ by Robbin de Waij, Pim Smeet & Tom van der Veldt – a proposal for the EU to fetch refugees with different national ships – and Refoodee by Lisa Sundberg & Max – a food delivery service that brings locals in contact with the different cuisine cultures of refugees.

All these projects are entries for the WDCD Refugee Challenge in cooperation with UNHCR and IKEA Foundation too. They all make a chance to be selected by the international jury as one of the five projects that will receive budget and assistance to develop into a working prototype.

Want to make a chance too with your own game changing idea? Join the WDCD Refugee Challenge. Entries can be submitted until 20 May 2016.


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