What is design thinking and how can it help us build a better world? This 2-3 October, join us for a two-day workshop that will guide you through this powerful strategy for innovation. Presented in partnership with Adobe, this digital event is aimed at all young creatives, dreamers, and entrepreneurs interested in redesigning our relationship with waste. Drawing on the design thinking toolkit, participants will learn how to prototype imaginative solutions that could propel us towards a circular future.

Learning by doing

The Adobe x WDCD Design Thinking Lab will take place virtually, over Zoom. The first day begins with a plenary introduction to the key principles of design thinking. After this, participants can expect a series of hands-on sessions exploring how these methods can transform their impact as a creative, and be applied to some of the world’s most wicked problems. Guiding the group as they move from ideation to implementation will be Patricia Reiners, a Berlin-based UI/UX-Designer who is passionate about creating products and services for tomorrow’s users. Patricia also hosts the Future of UX, a podcast exploring the shifting landscape of technology and digital design. Joining her is Franziska Parschau, who leads Adobe’s creative community and Creative Residency Program in Germany.

The brief

Building on the success of the global No Waste Challenge, the workshop will focus on how design thinking can help us address the root causes of waste, and reduce its enormous impact on climate change. Working in small groups, participants will tinker and test their way through questions like: How can we imagine new narratives that go beyond endless production and consumption? How can we encourage people to buy less, repair often, or share more? Could design help to restore our relationship with nature, and our relationship with things?

In the final session, participants will get the opportunity to present their freshly-minted ideas and prototypes to a room of industry experts and like-minded creatives. And add a great project to their creative portfolio afterward.

How to join

The Adobe x WDCD Design Thinking Lab is an online event running from 2-3 October 2021. Please make sure you’ll be available on both days, as sessions will take place over Zoom from 10am – 3pm CET. All creatives are welcome, and knowledge of UI/UX Design or Adobe apps is not required.

Registration is free, and open until 23 September 2021. To book your spot and learn more about the programme, visit Eventbrite.

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