Makers Unite, one of the five finalists of the WDCD Refugee Challenge, is developing fast. The organization in support of creative refugees launches a crowdfunding campaign to become a social enterprise in Amsterdam. Makers Unite also launched a partnership with BNO (The Dutch Design Association) providing opportunities for their participants. And last week, Makers Unite shared their story in Sao Paulo, during Festival Path, the largest creativity and innovation festival of Brazil.

Makers Unite is one of the ten initiatives selected by the city of Amsterdam and 1% Club for the launch of the platform Bedrijven Voor Amsterdam. The platform supports social sustainable initiatives to raise funds and knowledge for the benefit of the local community. Makers Unite can be supported through their crowdfunding page.


This Wednesday Makers Unite and The Dutch Design Association BNO as part of their new partnership organized a matchmaking for Dutch designers and agencies and refugee designers. The matchmaking was aimed at any form of collaboration, including workshops, internships and freelance assignments.

Makers Unite is included in the upcoming exhibition Solutions or Utopia? Design for Refugees at Stedelijk Museum and Lola Lik in Amsterdam, is featured in the lastest edition of One World Magazine and has a garage sale event coming up: this Saturday at De Eendracht Open in Amsterdam.



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