How do I find the nearest free Wi-Fi zone? Where can I charge my travel card? Where is the closest hospital? When is the nearest language class? The Love-Europe app is designed to help refugees find information that is relevant for them, located around them and translated to their language.
By Shay Raviv

This fresh app, freely available for download, navigates newcomers through the vast amount of new places and necessities they are confronted with. Originated in The Netherlands, it will soon be applicable in Germany and Greece too. As the app presents simultaneously two languages, it also functions as a communication tool. It also shows interesting events for newcomers and there will be helpful videos about language, culture and more.

The app, initiated by Christian organization Agape Europe, uses a clear visual language turning it into not only a functional tool, but also a welcoming one.

Shay Raviv is a service designer and design researcher living in Utrecht.

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