Danish designer Mads Johansen might be the first to make a towable mini-camper for bicycles commercially viable. Though still in the prototype stage, his charming little caravan, called Wide Path Camper, will be up for sale early next year – just in time for spring.

Just imagine it: it’s April and the sun is shining. You are touring through the French countryside on your bicycle, the Wide Path Camper quietly rumbling along behind you. Your legs ache but you smile because you know that that evening, you’ll be able to set up camp with zero hassle.

No, tonight, there will be no fighting with wayward tent poles or damp sleeping bags. You’ll be able to sleep comfortably, in a camper that has room for up to two adults and a child. When you wake up, you can make breakfast at the small outside kitchen area, and even charge your phone with the energy from additional solar panels in the roof. Sounds like a dream.

That dream will set you back around € 2,000 though, and while designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible, the Wide Path Camper still weighs 40 kg before any gear is loaded onto it. So, you might need some training before you depart for a holiday to parts with even the most modest kind of hills. On the other hand, 40 kg is half the weight of a prototype caravan maker Dethleff presented some years ago

So, we like Johansen’s effort. Al least his Wide Path Camper got us thinking of summer vacations, and that is definitely not a bad thing.

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