Henriette Waal is a designer, researcher, co-founder of Atelier Luma and artistic leader of Veenweide Atelier. For 20 years, she has worked on topics such as water, landscape, food, crafts, biomaterials and animals, in different geographies. As co-founder of Atelier Luma and with her experience as Artistic / Research director, she has envisioned and led cross-disciplinary teams and has a track record in implementing successful social design projects. 

Through Veenweide Atelier, a newly launched initiative, Waal is linking a systemic design approach to the Frisian Peat Meadow Program, a plan to reduce emissions, soil subsidence and advance climate adaptation. Additionally, she is committed to the Social Design Master at Design Academy Eindhoven, fostering the next generation of designers attuned to ecological and social challenges.

WDCD Live Amsterdam 2024

Henriette Waal will join the breakout session: Crafting Tomorrow: Weaving Tradition Through Innovation.

Join Henriette Waal and hundreds of creatives on 5 July, tickets are now available.