Anna Noyons (1984) is a social designer and the founder of ink social design. Anna has a study background at TU Delft and the Design Academy. She also studied art history and philosophy in Italy. In 2010 Anna started her own studio (Studio Anna Noyons) with clients such as: HEMA, Municipality of Amsterdam, Bever Sport and others. Between 2013-2017, Anna was Chief Product Officer at Peerby, an app that allows you to borrow stuff from people in your neighbourhood. At Peerby, Anna was part of the founding team. The app grew from 0 to more than 500,000 users in 4 years and raised 2 million euros from Venture Capital and 1.7 million euros with a crowdfunding campaign among the members of the platform (The app won several awards and even made it to the New York Times).

In 2018, Anna founded ink studio, where she works with a permanent core team and a large flexible layer of creatives. Clients include Jeugdzorg Nederland, ABN Amro, Randstad, Peerby, 29k and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Anna has been a guest lecturer at TU Delft since 2011 (an annual master’s course in design), she is a Start-up mentor at Start-up Bootcamp and Rockstart (since 2016) and joined the Supervisory Board of What Design Can Do in 2021.

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