Join forces and establish new ideas on how to raise awareness about sinking cities

Hosted by Kummer & Herrman and Cynthia Boll Photography

The challenge in this breakout session is to come up with new ideas connecting science and design in relation to sinking cities. México City is currently sinking, subsiding as much as 38 cm / 15 inches per year. A relatively unknown phenomenon, this issue needs design power to raise more awareness.

Collaborate with designer Arthur Herrman and photographer Cynthia Boll, as they guide this breakout session using their backgrounds in storytelling. Together new ideas and strategies will be developed on how to raise awareness of land subsidence, by connecting social reality with scientific research. The outcomes will be discussed together with special guest Dora Carreón-Freyre, president of the UNESCO Land Subsidence International Initiative (LaSII).

Take away
Experience the power of joining forces, bringing creatives and scientists together for an innovative approach to problem solving. Through involvement and collaboration, new ideas will sprout on how to raise awareness for this topic.

THIS Break out session WILL TAKE PLACE ON MAY 8

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