Note: this session has been cancelled.

Unfortunately, Bruce Mau will not be able to attend WDCD Live in Amsterdam this year due to unforeseen personal circumstances. Those who registered have been invited to sign up for another session via email. With any questions regarding online session sign-up, please contact



Learn to define your purpose—and put it on paper—with one of the world’s leading creative optimists. Canadian designer Bruce Mau knows that the success of any daring enterprise starts with the ability to communicate your vision in a compelling way. Through a career spanning more than three decades, Mau has evolved an influential design practice based on empathy for all of life on the planet, and not just humans. Taking inspiration from his principles for designing Massive Change (MC24), this crash course will help you to articulate your own desired impact as a changemaker. After sharing his journey as a designer, Mau will guide you through the key ingredients of writing a great manifesto for your company or creative practice.

led by

Bruce Mau – Designer & Leader of the Massive Change Network 

hosted by

Rosa Kieft – Programme Manager at WDCD


Koninklijke Foyer (Internationaal Theater Amsterdam)