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Challenge Accelerator Workshop: Access to funding

‘Cash flow planning is crucial for business continuity’

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Make a cash flow plan for at least three years, with at least a monthly planning for the first year. And include convincing arguments why your cash flow will actually develop as you’ve planned. This was the main advice of financial expert Joost Verheijen in his introduction to cash flow planning during the first bootcamp ...  Read More

Challenge Accelerator workshop: Positioning for social entrepreneurs

‘Companies based on true identity grow faster’

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‘A product is what leaves the factory, a brand is what people buy,’ Isolde Schram of HopStep&Leap Company said at the start of a workshop on Positioning for social entrepreneurs during the first Climate Action Challenge Accelerator bootcamp in January in Amsterdam. The workshop was specifically meant for the start-ups among the challenge winners. ...  Read More

Challenge Accelerator workshop: Product development requires constant re-examination of ideas

Design prototyping and product development

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Product development is a continuous process of making choices and reconsidering your initial ideas. This was the main lesson the winners of the WDCD Climate Action Challenge learned in a working session on product development and prototyping. ...  Read More

Challenge winners gather in Amsterdam for a profound bootcamp to help develop their projects further

Climate Action Challenge: Five days of acceleration

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The thirteen winners of the WDCD Climate Action Challenge gather this week in Amsterdam for a five day bootcamp that marks the start of the Acceleration phase of the challenge. They will participate in a programme of workshops, expert consultancy, networking events, inspiring talks and visits to peer entrepreneurs. ...  Read More

Fossil fuel industry investments set to rise plastics production by 40% in next decade

What design does for the plastic problem

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Alarming news in The Guardian: more than 180 billion dollars invested by fossil fuel companies in new oil ‘cracking’ facilities will help fuel a 40% rise in plastic production in the next decade. It means that the ‘global plastic binge which is already causing widespread damage to oceans, habitats and food chains, is set to ...  Read More

Architect Marko Brajovic welcomed Lucas Verweij and Jurgen Bey in his Atelier Marko Brajovic

‘The forest is my design laboratory’

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‘São Paulo is a beautiful monster,’ architect and designer Marko Brajovic told Lucas Verweij and Jurgen Bey when they visited Brajovic’ studio while in São Paulo for WDCD. ‘This city gives you so much information of how things can change. Here you find the best mix of modernism and nature.’ ...  Read More

WDCD Live São Paulo 2017 report: Activation Session 9, Designing sustainable brands

Designers must educate their clients on sustainability

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Brands are understanding that sustainability is not a fad, but a real necessity, and that they must change the way they act to be profitable in a sustainable way. In this session Alvaro Almaida of Report Sustentabilidade discussed the challenges brands encounter in this context with several guests. By Ale Kalko ...  Read More

WDCD Live São Paulo 2017 report: Activation Sessions 14, Check your hidden impact, and 15, Designing without hidden impact

How to design for an eco-positive business model

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In two consecutive sessions, Dutch industrial designer and author Babette Porcelijn helped the participants to realize their own hidden impact on the environment and think of ways to design without such hidden impact. By Camila Fraga ...  Read More

WDCD Live São Paulo 2017 report: Activation Session 11, Dilemma’s in the air

How to serve 40 million meals more consciously

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The growth of the worldwide middle class and the facilities to travel, including the relative reduction of the costs of air tickets, increases the number of trips carried out, and consequently, the carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Apart from an urgent environmental concern, becoming increasingly sustainable is in the economic interest of major airlines like ...  Read More