Last week The Guardian reported that the 85 richest people on earth are as wealthy as the poorer half of the world’s population. That reminded us of the Global Rich List, designed by WDCD13 speaker Nicolas Roope.

Poke-founder Roope invented the Global Rich List to give us all the pleasure of being on a list of wealthiest people. The site has been redesigned since last year, so is worth revisiting. And the effect is exactly the same. Enter your annual income and learn that you are among the 0.7% richest people in the world (for the average Dutch income of 32,500 euros).

The new site compares your earnings per hour of 16.93 euros with the 0.47 euros an average labourer in Zimbabwe makes in the same time. And it tells you that an average labourer in Indonesia would need 49 years to earn the same amount of money you earn in one year.

That puts things in perspective, does it not? Which was exactly the intention of this more-than-clever fundraising tool for British charity Care. Got you!