Google tops Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Companies 2014 and we’ll have Google-designer Richard The at WDCD14 to tell us how things work at Google’s Creative Lab in New York.

Fast Company put Google in first place ‘for becoming a $350 billion giant that lets loose almost too many innovations and milestones to count’, the magazine announced yesterday. As the company’s income from advertising via its search engine is declining, Google is pursuing many projects that could reinvent both the company and society.

Fast Company praises Google’s ‘breadth, ambition, and relentless spirit to keep creating the future’, and mentions some of the company’s most daring projects. Among these are spin-off company Calico that works on extending the human lifespan, the autonomous vehicle project with already 500.000 incident-free miles driven, Google Glass, Shopping Express, an experiment in same-day delivery, and Google Now, the service that shows people useful information based on previous interactions with Google products.

Of course we look forward to hear inside information on these projects from graphic and interaction designer Richard The, who works at Google Creative Lab on the user interface for Google Glass. After having studied at University of the Arts Berlin and the MIT Media Lab he has worked at Stefan Sagmeister’s studio and the Berlin based design studio The Green Eyl.

His work has been shown at Ars Electronica, Design Museum London and Experimenta Design Amsterdam and has received various international awards such as Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica, London Designs of the Year, Tokyo Type Director’s Club.

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