Somewhere in the near future you might be planning your Christmas dinner with a nice Christmas variation of in vitro meat on the menu. Figuring out the shape of such future Christmas treats will be a nice designer’s task, once laboratory meat can be produced in large quantities. Next Nature’s The In Vitro Meat Cookbook is anticipating this new task of the food designer with an exploration of new food cultures that lab-grown meat might create. Recently Next Nature reached the 20,000 euro goal on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to produce The In Vitro Meat Cookbook, due to be launched in May 2014. Next Nature is the collaboration of designers and scientists investigating how nature changes with us. As director Koert van Mensvoort told at WDCD13 Next Nature is not only interested in these changes from a design and engineering perspective, but also from a societal and ethical one.

This is no different for the cookbook. It will feature dozens of recipes for lab-meat variations including revived dodo wings, meat ice cream, cannibal snacks, steaks knitted like scarves, and meat paint. Alongside it discusses how these new shapes will change the way we will enjoy en play with our food.

Have a nice meal.

And a happy Christmas.

Look here for a preview of the book

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