Building up towards WDCD Live Amsterdam (on 23 & 24 May) our bookshop partner Athenaeum Newscentre piled up a series of good reads you can expect at their onsite book stand. These include such titles as Why Shrink-Wrap a Cucumber? by Steven Aldridge, Pop-Up City. City-making in a fluid world by Jeroen Beckman’s and Joop de Boer, The Handbook of Design for Sustainability by Stuart Walker, and Alice Rawsthorn’s Hello World, Where design Meets Life. As Rawsthorn is one of the speakers next week,  you might be able to seduce her to sign the book for you. Just like Bill McKibben, Bruce Mau and many more of the speakers who have their books in the book stand.

Watch the video and visit the Athenaeum website for more relevant books.

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