Equilicuá produces thought provoking products from fantastic bioplastic made from potato starch and entirely biodegradable. Like a raincoat that, once discarded, feeds your garden!

It has been pouring in Amsterdam these last few days and everyone is struggling again with raincoats, poncho’s and what’s more. A fashionable and engaging rain cape from Equilicuá would have been welcome.

Equilicuá is a small company, webshop and laboratory, started by three visionary women from Spain, that creates playful, ecological products like single use raincoats, rain hoods, shower caps, backpacks and saddle covers. The webshop even offers Equilicuá‘s fantastic bioplastic by the meter for those who want to create something themselves.

All products are made from this potato starch material, which is 100 % compostable and biodegradable. It can be put in the ground where it will nurture the soil. To underline this, the Garden Raincoats collection comes in three different models, featuring three popular garden vegetables: tomatoes, carrots and peas. With each Garden Raincoat you will find a bag of organic seeds to start your own vegetable garden easily. You know: “You reap what you sow”

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