Athenaeum Bookstore & News centre, WDCD’s partner in books and magazines, has opened a dedicated page in its webstore with a selection of titles relevant for all the followers of WDCD. And every now and then Athenaeum’s Reny van der Kamp highlights a few new and noteworthy titles here.

You had better make some noise. Words to change the world (Phaidon, 2018, € 9,95)

A timeless collection of quotations by visionaries who have been catalysts for change – through the ages and across the globe.

Reny: ‘Not just because of the yellow cover this small book suits the WDCD-crowd. The words to change the world by people like Ai WeiWei, Naomi Klein and Barack Obama are a quick inspiration for every day, process or meeting.’






Get technology. Be in the know. Upgrade your future (by Gerald Lynch. Aurum Press, 2018, €16,95).

Get Technology introduces you to some of the most exciting and important technological advancements in our world today and why they matter.

Reny: ‘Although this book has a slightly boring cover, Lynch explains in a unique visual approach the most important tech developments of the modern world, their impact on society and how we can use technology to achieve our full potential.’





How to fix the future. Staying Human in the Digital Age (by Andrew Keen. Atlantic, 2018, € 18,95).

Andrew Keen combines his experiences in Silicon Valley with extensive interviews and analysis to identify the strategies we need in order to tackle the huge challenges of this digital century.

Reny: ‘Staying human in the digital age. Keen vividly depicts what we must do if we are to try to preserve human values in an increasingly digital world and what steps we might take as societies and individuals to make the future “something we can again look forward to”.’





Think like a designer, don’t act like one (by Jeroen van Erp, BIS Publishers, 2018, € 12,90, available in Dutch and English).

75 inspiring, educational and sometimes hilarious insights in the adventurous minds of the designer.

Reny: ‘A brilliant collection of 75 statements, observations and facts. Jeroen van Erp illustrates how design shapes our world, sometimes in unexpected ways. From the Ikea Hotdog to the Fiat Multipla.’




Radical Matter. Rethinking materials for a sustainable future.(by Kate Franklin and Caroline Till, Thames & Hudson, 2018, € 49,95).

A road map for product design professionals and students to ten ‘Big Ideas’ in material innovation.

Reny: ‘Fit for designers at every level, this book is a vital resource for those looking to understand how to connect materials with manufacturing and the means of distribution and consumption. Time to turn the cycle from “make-waste” to “make-waste-make”.’




Arrival city. How the largest migration in history is reshaping our world. (by Doug Saunders, Cornerstone, 2011, € 12,99).

A third of the world’s people are in the midst of the largest population move in human history, as the last of the word’s rural populations abandons agriculture and moves to the urban areas of the developing world and of the wealthy West.

Reny: ‘A little older but still relevant, especially in the context of WDCD’s upcoming challenge on energy issues in the city. Arrival city describes how the largest migration history is reshaping our world.’






All books and many more are available through the webshop of Athenaeum Bookshop