Opening today in Eindhoven at MU | Strijp S: a new exhibition on bio art and design called ‘Matter of life’, curated by William Myers, author of BioDesign: Nature + Science + Creativity. The exhibition presents nine research projects at the intersection of art, design and the life sciences.

MU is an exhibition space that ‘zooms in on the hybrid here, now, and later of visual culture’. It recently moved from De Witte Dame in the city center to building Gerard Strijp S, both former Philips buildings.

Matter of Life displays projects by artists and designers Arne Hendriks & Mike Thompson, Jalila Essaïdi, Charlotte Jarvis, Center for Genomic Gastronomy, BCL and Heather Dewey-Hagborg. The exhibition also includes the work of the three winners of the Bio Art and Design Award 2014: Studio PSK, Julia Kaisinger and Katharina Unger and Špela Petrič.

British Studio PSK presents ‘The Economics of Evolution: The Perfect Pigeon’, in which it predicts how economic pressures might shape the species’ genetics. Pigeons could be genetically changed into tamper-proof biological couriers in the employ of biotech companies trying to protect their intellectual property.

‘Fungi Mutarium’ by Julia Kaisinger and Katharina Unger from Austria is a project that grows edible fungi at home on toxic plastics. ‘Naval Gazing’ by Špela Petrič (Slovenia) is an intriguing enquiry of the question whether ‘the human can fathom an investment into structures and processes that are non-utilitarian for the human?’ The project consists of an ‘habitation’ for sea life that serves no other purpose an d will go its own way.

To be seen until 22 February 2015

MU | Strijp S
Torenallee 40-06
Open: mon-fri 10-18h., sat 11-17h., sun 13-17h.
Image: ‘Naval Gazing’ by Špela Petrič

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