‘Creativity in the service of peace in Africa.’ That was the theme of the ninth International Festival of African Fashion (FIMA), last November in Niamey, Niger. The initiator, WDCD12 speaker Alphadi, just presented a beautiful new collection at SS 2014 during the Black Fashion Week in Paris.

Alphadi’s show (video here) is a feast for both the eyes and ears. The artist, who was born as Seidnaly Sidhamed, showed designs for women and men in various tones of white that in a modern way honour his nickname: ‘The Prince of the Desert’. Alphadi continues to conquer the world, and he recently opened a new shop in Brooklyn, New York.

Back in 2012, Alphadi held an ardent plea on the WDCD stage in favour of the emancipation and self-sufficiency of the African fashion industry. And he did it again, organizing a fashion festival in a region plagued by political unrest.

FIMA is a very important event where mostly African designers and African models show their creativity and boost their careers. Alphadi initiated the event to help the development of his native region. The event promotes not only fashion but also local crafts like jewellery making.

This event’s theme, ‘Creativity in the service of peace in Africa’, drew lots of decision-makers to the event, which was certainly the biggest tourist attraction in Niger as well. No fewer than three African First Ladies attended the event, which drew over 800 guests in total. They had come to see work by established and new designers from Lebanon, Egypt, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal, Morocco, Ivory Coast and many more countries that won’t be seen at the fashion weeks of Paris or New York.

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