Earlier this year, when Senegalese fashion designer Selly Raby Kane presented her work at WDCD Live Amsterdam, she brought her fellow countryman, multi-instrumentalist and dj Ibaaku, to join her on the stage. This Saturday Ibaaku launched his first album, Alien Cartoon, named after Selly Raby Kane’s fashion collection for which he made the accompanying music. Now Kane designed the costumes for the clip accompanying the album launch.

Ibaaku is the musical representation of a fresh artistic wave that has come over Dakar, of which Selly Raby Kane plays the fashion part. The producer, dancer and composer already has been called the afro-electro sensation of the year. He was first noticed in 2015 with a mix of electronic sounds and traditional African music.

His music score for the Alien Cartoon show by Selly Raby Kane, set in an abandoned train station in Dakar, put Ibaaku once and for all onto the stage. He has since been working on his album that bears the same name, launched this Saturday.

To appreciate the collaboration of Ibaaku and Sally Raby Kane – who is one of the speakers at WDCD Live São Paulo – watch this clip Yang Fogoye, made by Bénédicte Samson Senghor and Jean Baptiste Joire.

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