Since they performed at WDCD 2012 we are greeat fans of Swiss food designers duo Honey & Bunny. So we were very happy to learn that their project ‘fleischTEILE’, a conceptual food design idea developed together with architect Alexander Diem, got an ‘outstanding artist award for experimental design’ during the opening party of the Vienna Design Week 2016.

The project ‘fleischTEILE’ of 2015 focusses on reducing food waste, fitting perfectly in Honey & Bunny’s mission to make consumers aware of the political and environmental consequences of their food habits. Their philosophy and approach of the issue are beautifully described in a recent story by Nora Caplan Bricker in The New Yorker.

In the meantime, the food artists are working on a new research project and book on CLEAN Design. So count on it that we will report on Honey & Bunny again shortly.



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