Garden and landscape designer Piet Oudolf, a WDCD speaker in 2012, has teamed up with the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund to launch the Piet Oudolf ‘Green in the Neighbourhood’ Fund. The aim of the new fund is to assist green-loving residents in transforming urban wasteland sites into green surroundings.

The Green in the Neighbourhood Fund was created in honour of Oudolf as part of the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund Prize 2013, which he received on 11 November. In his work Oudolf recognizes a growing demand at neighbourhood level to do something with plants and greenery in the broadest sense of the words. Many initiatives already exist, ranging from neighbourhood gardens to city vegetable gardens and school gardens, but funding for such projects is scarce.

The fund will come into effect on 1 January 2014. To be eligible for a subsidy, a vacant site must be converted into a green area in a way that involves local residents and lets them take responsibility for its management and maintenance.

We’re already looking forward to lots more fine green hangouts in the city.

For more information:

Click here to see Piet Oudolf’s presentation at WDCD12.

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