Fashion Ghana shows pure African Fashion with humour and class, and a lot of respect for culture and tradition. What’s more, Fashion Ghana is super-stylish.

What’s remarkable about Fashion Ghana’s website and Facebook pages — devoted to ‘Glamorous home-grown African nurtured attire’ — is how they manage to continually surprise, seduce and put a smile on your face. And on top of that, they broach all sorts of social themes.

The website contains a boutique where you can buy true African Fashion. You can also find news items about the African fashion world (little of which ever reaches the Western media), video clips from FashionGhana TV, portfolios from photographers and African models, and a digital preview of the paper edition of Fashion Ghana magazine.

Fashion Ghana shows African fashion on models that cover the full spectrum from slim to stocky, and from white to light brown to dark brown, all of them posing proudly in pictures that exude an emancipatory quality.

What strikes the viewer is the sense of humour the makers bring to their subject, as the following Facebook posts illustrate. Beneath a picture of a woman sporting a figure-hugging tube skirt and high heels stands the caption: ‘Can this woman manage to pick up her lip balm?’

Or we see black Barbie and Ken’s Traditional Nigerian Wedding Shoot by Nigerian photographer Obi, a highly entertaining photo novel inspired by a French example with the white Ken and Barbie.

Then the mood turns serious, as we see a short film of a remarkable fashion runway show from 2008, which, seen in the context of the Ebola epidemic, acquires a totally new meaning.

A site worth following because of how it manages to surprise you time and again. Perhaps you will ultimately feel as much awe and respect as I do for fashion from Fashion Ghana.

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