Breathing walls, a baby tree nurturing pot, a forest in the sky, a car designed for sharing, and a self-closing flood barrier. Just a few examples of the projects featured in the new publication we’ve compiled: Good News for the Planet. 31 Brilliant Ideas for Climate Action.

Our third publication in the 31 Brilliant Ideas series features a more or less random selection of 31 solutions for climate action in terms of raising awareness, adapting to the consequences of change, and mitigating the causes. Together they illustrate the power of design to bring about change.

There is for instance the Amber One, the first electric car designed for sharing. With a modular construction the car is designed to have a life span of 1,5 million kilometres. Or take the project Living Things that combines algae cultivation with appealing interior products.

Optimistic picture

The book presents an optimistic picture of the near future, in which meat is lab grown without harm done to animals (foreseen for 2021), small electric air crafts serve as cabs for the middle range distance (operational in 2025), the fashion industry is made circular (already happening), water is taken from the air in the desert (under development now) and city air is refreshed by vertical forests and gardens.

In other words, the future is bright, thanks to designers. What better message to accompany WDCD Live Amsterdam and the upcoming Climate Action Challenge? Get your tickets at and be among the first to have this new book in your hands.

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