‘If supply becomes an issue, then we have accomplished something,’ David Stover, founder of Bureo says. Bureo designs and manufactures a line of sustainable skateboards, made from recovered and recycled fishing nets. The design in the form of a fish makes the users aware of the problems of sea pollution.

Stover and his friends are surfers with strong backgrounds in sustainability, engineering and product design. Funded by crowd funding through Kickstarter they set up a recovery program for fishnets in Chili, called Net Positiva. During the first six months of operation more than 3,000kg of derelict fishing nets were collected and recycled.

From it Bureo produces its cruiser skateboard deck, The Minnow, claimed to be the first skate deck made from recycled marine debris. The fish shaped skateboard has an appealing form that helps the younger target group to realize that plastic doesn’t belong in the oceans.

In addition to the fishnet collection program, Net Positiva is aligned with coastal clean-up and conservation efforts. Under this initiative, Bureo is connecting with non-profits and local communities across the US and Chile to support the removal of marine debris from our coasts.

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