Our well-being depends on the benefits that nature provides, yet in our current market economy, the value of nature is not fairly represented. Everyday we face a choice between following our moral obligation towards the environment and acting for our own financial gain. Money being the driving force behind change, our economic system is in serious need of an update.

A new currency

The ECO coin is an alternative currency that combines ecological and economic value, ‘a bottom up solution that positively rewards humans anywhere actively contributing to a more sustainable world,’ as said by initiator and former WDCD speaker Koert van Mensvoort of Next Nature Network. For instance, by rewarding all bike riders with 5 ECO coins that can be spent at the local market, sustainable action is promoted in multiple areas.

ECO coin goes DGTL

The first big community experiment of the ECO coin will be held at DGTL festival on the 15th and 16th of April. After going 100% meat-free and green in energy, DGTL will now give their festivalgoers the incentive to actively contribute in creating the world’s first circular festival. With the ECO coins earned through sustainable actions they will unlock rewards, from bio ice cream to V.E.P (Very Ecological Person) access to secret areas.

Like DGTL preaches on their website: ‘the time for awareness is over’. It is time for action. Got a plan to save the planet yourself? Then get ready for the WDCD Climate Action challenge starting on 22 April!

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