There’s no sugarcoating it — the current pandemic has hit our industry hard. Reports claim that nearly 50% of currently unemployed creatives have lost their job due to the outbreak. Projects are delayed, postponed or cancelled all together. As a designer, you might be wondering, what can you do to rebuild your practice in the months and years ahead?

To help us help ourselves, WDCD and Designplatform Rotterdam are launching a new series of online gatherings for members of our community who have been seriously impacted by the crisis. In the spirit of solidarity, we’re calling this initiative #DesignersforDesigners. By sharing our own experiences and talking about ideas we can support ourselves and our peers. What is common sense to one person can be an eye opener to another. Or can we see this situation as a unique opportunity for creativity? Perhaps you have finally found the time to start your dream project? Or did you take a well deserved break from designing? Or are you contemplating a radical career change?  There is no right or wrong. Your personal story can be an encouragement to others.


Our goal is simple: to bring experts, freelancers and employers together in a set of interactive peer-to-peer coaching sessions. We will use a mix of two well proven formats: the German Strategiekreis and the American Self-help group. A typical exchange has 15 participants and consists of two rounds. The first round is an introduction and plenary discussion. In the second one participants are placed in smaller groups to discuss more in depth about the issues.

The first gathering will take place via Zoom, this May 27 at 17:00 – 19:00 CET. This edition will be moderated by Jeroen DeckersGuta GalliJohanna ThompsonLucas VerweijPepijn Zurburg, and Anna Swagerman. Registration is free but availability is limited.

Want to connect with us and join a session? Sign up here for this month’s event, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more information about upcoming dates.

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