The poetic Dancing Pavilion that Brazilian architect Guto Requena made for the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016 won a CODA Award last month. Requena, we’re happy to say, is one of the speakers at WDCD Live São Paulo on 22 & 23 November.

Created especially for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Pavilion Dançante is characterised by mirrored and painted facade disks that move in response to the ‘flow’ on the dance floor within the space.

Hypnotizing architecture

According to the architect, ‘sensors scattered inside the pavilion capture the music and excitement of people dancing, and thus, move mirrors on the building’s facade. The result is a kinetic architecture that hypnotizes people and transforms space in the liveliest ballad of the 2016 Olympics.’

The internationally acclaimed CODA awards celebrate the design projects that most successfully integrate commissioned art into interior, architectural, or public spaces. The Dancing Pavilion was awarded in the Hospitality category.

Last year, Requena already received a CODA Award for his Interactive Façade for the WZ Jardins hotel in São Paulo, a light sculpture that reacts to ambient noise and local air pollution.

Meet Requena at WDCD

Just look at the video of the mesmerizing Dancing Pavilion and you know that you’ll want to meet the brains behind it at WDCD Live São Paulo. Tickets are available through our online ticket shop.


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