What Design Can Do is going to rock! Consider it one big party with two more performers on stage under the What Design Can Do for Music theme in addition to the top-notch names already announced: De Staat’s lead singer Torre Florim and Senegalese multidisciplinary artist Ibaaku. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, don’t hesitate any more: it’s going to be mighty phenomenal and today is the last day to get them at the regular price. As of tomorrow we’ll only have Last Minute Tickets available at a 10% increase on the price.

Torre Florim will join Floris Kaayk on stage on Thursday 30 June presenting the making off of their joint mega-hit video clip for the song ‘Witch Doctor’ by Dutch rock band De Staat. ‘Witch Doctor is a cynical view on alternative medicine,’ Torre Florim told newspaper De Volkskrant. ‘Some time ago there was a doctor who invented a medicine against aids that has been used for years in Africa. Now research has shown that it had no effect whatsoever. The video clip is a kind of extreme enlargement of this kind of cases. Essentially it is about people who out of gut feeling are carried away by the masses, without any scientific support.’


And on Friday expect producer, multi-instrumentalist, author, composer and radio wizard Ibaaku to stir things up. Ibaaku is a well-known name in the Senegalese hip hop scene, one of the founders of the group I Science. Last year Ibaaku together with fashion designer Selly Raby Kane turned Dakar upside down with the ‘Alien Cartoon’ fashion show, music and art performance in a former train station in the Senegalese capital. The project, described as ‘Afro-hypnotique expérimental’, came from a crazy challenge to transform, for one evening, the old train station into an extra-terrestrial base, and to immerse the public into a surrealist world with a poetic and futuristic atmosphere.

‘Ibaaku accomplished a surrealist feat by transforming fragmented, chaotic sounds into a harmonious and baffling opus. He is a brilliant spirit,’ Selly Raby Kane said of the music.

The video shows an interview with Ibaaku on the occasion of the release of his ‘Alien Cartoon’ album that evolved out of the show.


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