Reacting to an aging population young designers Hyun Kyung Lee invented wearables that could encourage older adults to have a healthier lifestyle. These include Fall Prevention Exercise Trousers, a Hand and Finger Massage Jumper and a Social Activity Coat. Hyun Lee is among the 70 Ones to Watch selected by the British Design Council as part of its 70th anniversary.

The 70 rising design stars that are thought to represent the future of British design have been chosen from hundreds of entrants ‘for their outstanding vision, ambition and potential to contribute to the UK’s reputation as a leading design nation.’

The selected design projects are divided among six categories: Healthier and happier, Material world, Social impact, Living in the city, Rethinking reality, and Everyday living. And these include many surprising concepts.

Take for instance the ‘wooden leather’ Marlene Huissoud developed from the cocoons of Indian silkworms and products she made from the propolis that honeybee’s produce. Or take the Alec Machin’s stackable, pourable and recyclable paint containers.

Another nice idea: the Everyday Athlete Interactive Billboard by Sarah Weigold, displaying a crowd of cheering spectators every time a pedestrian, cyclist or jogger passes by. The aim is to encourage exercise and make everyone feel like a sports star. The faster one passes by, the bigger the crowd’s reaction.

This peek into the future of British design is a great way to celebrate a 70th birthday.

Top image: propolis sculptures by Marlene Huissoud

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