What does the future look like? How will we live, eat, play or heal in the world that’s coming? And who will design it? These are the kinds of questions burning through the pages of new publications by Next Nature, Wallpaper and Sound Advice. If you’re looking to get critical and curious about your creative practice, scroll on for three magazines to devour this summer.


Out July 2021

About this issue: New magazine alert! The folks at design platform Next Nature have launched the Next Nature Magazine, presenting 176 pages of thought-provoking content exploring the shifting relationship between people, nature and technology. The first issue kicks off to a roaring start with the central question: “Are we living in a superorganism?”

Why we picked it: From living architecture to virtual influencers, technofossils and future food, this magazine is jam-packed with the fresh ideas, perspectives and tools we need to face our rapidly changing world. Also, after the year we’ve had, it’s exciting to see so many thoughtful features on biodesign—including what we can learn from viruses and their battle for dominance. The star-studded contributor list is the cherry on top: with interviews and essays by experimental architect Rachel Armstrong, philosopher Koert van Mensvoort, generative artist Sofia Crespo, speculative designer Agi Haines, and material designer Shahar Livne.

Link: https://www.nextnature.net/projects/next-nature-magazine 


Out August 2021 

About this issue: The latest edition of Wallpaper Magazine is dedicated to Design for a Better World, and highlights the groundswell of creatives demonstrating the importance of art, design and architecture in leading the conversation and proposing solutions to issues of ecology and equity.

Why we picked it: If you’re in need of a shot of inspiration, this magazine delivers a wide range of innovative and environmentally conscious work of the highest calibre. Our favorite essays include those by Natsai Audrey Chieza on growing the materials of the future, Fernanda Canales on building sustainable social housing, and Antwaun Sargent on exploring race and politics in the art world. For a splash of industry news, look out for a feature on Piet Oudolf’s new perennial garden commissioned for Vitra HQ, and the cultural renaissance of mushrooms.

Link: https://www.wallpaper.com/design/august-2021-issue-free-download  


Out June 2021

About this issue: Sound Advice, a London-based platform exploring spatial inequality, presents Now You Know: a publication that brings together 60 reflections from architects and urbanists of colour. Crowdfunded by 418 supporters,  Now You Know features essays, poems and interviews on “how to address the discrimination baked into our built environment.”

Why we picked it: Exclusion and bias are built into our cities. This brilliantly-designed publication dives into this problem with care and urgency. ‘Totally fed up with how the built environment sector tackles (or doesn’t tackle) race, we wanted to hear from people who are already fighting to make the changes. Where do they think we can go from here? How can we disrupt the inertia of the profession?’ explains Sound Advice co-founders Pooja Agrawal and Joseph Henry. The result is perhaps more compendium than magazine, but with such a successful first edition, we’re hoping there’ll be many more to come.

Link: https://nowyouknowshop.bigcartel.com/


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