Kassim Vera is a design critic and educator who founded Emerge MX, is a non-profit design education project with a focus on criticism and research. The project has gradually evolved into a company that generates intellectual design content through a printed publication specialized in design criticism and opinion, continuous education and the generation of specialized design knowledge communities

Vera also heads the Design and Multidiscipline Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Jalisco. He is a professor at the School of Architecture, Art and Design Tecnológico de Monterrey and writes on design for the magazines Mexico Design, Bleu & Blanc and the German design magazine form. Before, he has been a lecturer at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, the University of Guadalajara and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

Kassim Vera hosts the ‘Future We’ breakout session during WDCDMX GNP 2021.