Secretary of Culture of Mexico City. She is a programmer, producer, and cultural manager with 15 years of experience in the public, private and independent sectors. She studied History at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and specialized in Education for the Arts with the international program (GLP) taught by the universities of McGill, NYU, and Harvard. Since 2007 he has participated in music, film, and performing arts festivals such as the International Contemporary Film Festival (FICCO), the Historic Center Festival, FICUNAM, Radar UNAM, Obwald Festival, and Ceremonia. She founded and directed BESTIA Festival, an independent experimental, jazz, punk, and hardcore music initiative with presentations in emblematic venues in Mexico City such as the Diego Rivera Anahuacalli Museum, the Chopo University Museum, the Vasconcelos Library, the City Theater, and National auditorium. He edited the collection Reflections on contemporary Mexican cinema with the Cineteca Nacional; participated in the management of the exhibitions Puma de Plata, a sculpture commissioned by the UNAM to the Mexican artist Martín Soto Climent in the El Eco Experimental Museum and in Renau and muralism in exile: Dialogues with Siqueiros in the Siqueiros Public Art Hall (SAPS). In 2017, she joined the ranks of the Cultural Dissemination Coordination of the UNAM as Deputy Director of Casa del Lago and later as Deputy Director of Programming of the General Directorate of Music. In this last position, he created and headed Trasfrontera, an international series on the music scene in various cities around the world, including Mexico, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, New York, London, and Reykjavik.