Everyone learned skills to prepare for climate change impacts, adaptation would be the norm and everyone would be safer. The Change rangers seek to re-frame preparedness and help people adapt to climate change together. 

By teaching gritty, important adaptation techniques in a fun context, The Change Rangers gives young people the opportunity to reclaim preparedness. 

Kids are beginning to need entirely new skills such as water purification, growing sustainable gardens, or making new things out of old ones, and The Change Rangers can teach those skills to kids of all backgrounds. This futuristic scout troop gives kids the confidence from an early age to learn about, prepare for and adapt to a changing world.

With smart partnerships, connections to the strong scouting culture that exists around the globe, and a powerful communication framework, The Change Rangers could have a massive impact. In the short term, this idea helps vulnerable people prepare for the effects of climate change, potentially saving many lives. Long term, it catalyses a major cultural shift around climate and adaptation. By educating and empowering kids from a young age, an entire generation could grow up more prepared to face the problems of our changing planet.

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