The Revival, founded by Yayra Agbofah, is a pioneering community-led sustainable design NGO committed to addressing textile waste challenges globally. Based in Ghana, it seamlessly integrates education, awareness, art, and job creation. Through innovative upcycling and recycling initiatives, it has diverted over 1 million garments from landfills and oceans, simultaneously reducing air pollution caused by burning textile waste. The Revival’s impact extends to approximately 2,000 people globally through free online courses and lectures. It envisions a future where 20 million garments considered waste are diverted from landfill and the ocean, where an upcycling hub is established in Africa, and legislation curtails overproduction. Collaborations with prominent schools, organisations, and cultural entities underline its commitment to transformative partnerships. The Revival’s unique approach intertwines environmental sustainability, economic empowerment, and social well-being, creating a model for a circular and community-centric textile ecosystem.

On 5 July the Redesign Everything Challenge winners will share their stories alongside international speakers at WDCD Live 2024.