Nivogo uses cutting-edge technology to run the largest garment renewal and refurbishment centre in Eastern Europe.

Nivogo is a pioneering circular economy start-up running the largest fashion renewal centre in Eastern Europe. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Nivogo extends the life of products collected from users and brand partners, enabling them to be refurbished and recirculated. It does this by taking in products that are defective, missing a barcode, have been returned, or are old, but still usable. Once it arrives at the centre, each product undergoes an assessment to determine its renewal needs before beginning its circular transformation journey. Products that have been renewed, sanitised and repriced using Nivogo’s AI-based pricing technology are then packaged and transferred to various sales channels. Nivogo also opened Türkiye’s first circular store, where users can exchange their unwanted clothes for NivoPoints, their circular currency. Before bringing in their clothes, users can calculate how many NivoPoints they will receive through the Nivogo take-back program. In the future, Nivogo aims to expand its impact horizontally by renewing electronic goods, furniture, and baby products as well as clothes.

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