mujō is a biomaterial innovation company developing biodegradable packaging materials from a renewable resource: kelp.

Mujō is a Berlin-based biomaterial innovation company that develops innovative, seaweed-based packaging materials that biodegrade straight after use, naturally and harmlessly. The company envisions a future where packaging materials of today become the resource of tomorrow. Mujō’s products are made from a renewable resource: kelp, a fast-growing seaweed that doesn’t require additional water or agricultural land. Instead, kelp produces oxygen 20 times faster than trees and purifies ocean water, making it an environmentally sustainable choice. The cultivation potential for kelp is vast, about the size of the Amazon rainforest, making the product scalable. Mujō’s focus is not only on the technology but also on the unique, novel material design and creating an exciting packaging experience for both B2B and B2C customers. Building a circular ecosystem of all stakeholders involved is key, from the producers and consumers to the decomposer. Mujō’s mission is to make a significant contribution to reducing plastic pollution by providing a sustainable and circular alternative to traditional packaging materials.


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