Makers Unite connects refugees and EU locals by co-designing engaging products and narratives, starting with upcycling life vests and boats collected on Greek shores. The platform offers the first steps for refugees to regain dignity, to connect with locals, to build new networks and to restart their lives. The jury rated this ‘an amazing project that supports user-led design by setting up innovation centres within communities that are completely community owned, which makes them more sustainable and dignified.

where is makers unite now?

Makers Unite is well on the way to becoming a self-sustaining social enterprise centred around a growing community of makers, mentors and activists. Successful collaborations with commercial partners like Ben & Jerry’s, Bas Kosters, Filling Pieces and the Stedelijk Museum have allowed them to finance a thriving social inclusion programme, called The Makers Unite Creative Lab. The focus of this programme is to offer free creative training and career development opportunities to asylum seekers. Makers Unite has launched 15 successful Creative Labs, serving 187 participants and counting.

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