The Looop Can cleaning kits are designed to alleviate period poverty in water-scarce regions. In certain religiously conservative cultures, tampons and menstruation cups are considered taboo. It is Looop Can’s mission to provide a product that safeguards the fundamental human rights of menstruators aged 12 to 24 years old, who face cultural and linguistic barriers and have limited financial means. Looop Can and Looop Container are frugal, portable cleaning kits for reusable menstrual pads, empowering menstruators to manage their periods confidently in the face of financial constraints, cultural taboos, and limited access to sanitation facilities. By minimising water usage through buoyancy force, it provides effective cleaning with 500-700 ml of water. Using injection modelling, the complete set, including polypropylene plastic washing parts and bamboo fabric pads, costs around £3-5. Designed to last up to five years, it also meets the needs of refugees awaiting identity approval in camps.

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