Craste innovates 100% tree-free packaging solutions out of readily available crop residue, using their patent-pending circular fibre technology.

Craste aims to mitigate climate change by creating packaging solutions from abundant crop residue. In many parts of the world, single-use plastic is being phased out, but the shift towards paper packaging is driving deforestation. Craste collects crop residue from farmers and uses a patent-pending circular fiber technology to convert it into tree-free pulp. The pulp is then used to create high-quality paper that can be used in various packaging applications. This process is environmentally friendly and does not require as much water as traditional pulping processes. Additionally, all of Craste’s packaging is food-grade and retains its form, shape, and strength. The company collaborates with clients to help make their value chains more circular and sustainable by utilising their ligno-cellulosic biomass and providing them with tree-free packaging solutions.

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