Made using fresh cow dung and local biopolymers, CoolBricks are 100% natural, recyclable bricks that can be used to provide affordable, safe and circular housing solutions for low-income families.

The construction industry is one of the largest contributors to pollution, with traditional building methods that rely on fired bricks and cement being particularly damaging to the environment. However, CoolBricks, who produce bricks made out of cow dung, offer a solution to this. By utilising natural materials and innovative techniques, CoolBricks offer a sustainable alternative to traditional building materials. These bio-stabilised, unfired bricks are not only 20% stronger but also significantly reduce carbon emissions by 90% and cost about 50% less than their fired brick counterparts. What’s more, CoolBricks are cement-free and produced without the use of fossil fuels. Additionally, they can be recycled into new CoolBricks or repurposed as fertiliser, making them a truly circular solution. With a team of experts experienced in developing new biomaterials and local innovations, CoolBricks aims to provide affordable, safe, and sustainable housing solutions to low-income families in Uganda, India, and the Netherlands.