Today, more people are buying more items of clothing than ever before. But as things become cheaper, they also become easier to throw away. The Clothing Loop (known in the Netherlands as Ketting Kledingruil) is a system for clothes-swapping which tackles this problem in an appealing and easy-to-use manner. The Clothing Loop allows people to easily swap clothes with people in their neighbourhood through bags that travel along a certain route. Joining is free and open to everyone.

The idea expands on the principles of a sharing economy where we do not have to buy new to feel good. In each ‘loop’, large bags of pre-loved clothing make their way through a neighbourhood of participants. How it works:

  1. Receive the bag delivered to your doorstep from the person before you on the list.
  2. Find something you like and add something you do not need anymore.
  3. Post a picture wearing the garment to your loop’s Whatsapp group, and pass the bag to the next person.

‘We started a year ago in Amsterdam as a local alternative for clothing swap events and now have more than 7500 participants spread over more than 210 chains across the country,’ says founder Nichon Glerum. ‘Our goal is to spread this initiative globally.’


Currently there are over 350 active loops in the Netherlands with a total amount of 12,000 people taking part. All active loops can be found and joined through their website below.

The estimated direct effect is over 10 000 kilo of clothing has found new owners. That is the equivalent of 1500 times full Ikea bags. The indirect effect is a change in mindset towards consumption, because people are experiencing a valid and fun alternative. Literally delivered to their doorstep.

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