Voltogo is a voltage-giver to use on the go! This universal battery for boats is high capacity and still portable. It enables boat users to switch to clean and silent electric boating, without the need for a charging point on their boat. To support this system and speed up transition, we are also working together with waterside cafés and businesses to develop the first battery sharing and swapping service in Amsterdam.

WHO’s in the team?

‘We’re a group of battery, electronics and sustainability enthusiasts.’

“The word transition is used when things are more difficult than just changing some nuts and bolts.”

How did your project come about?

‘Well, it all started when we tried to power the small boat we shared with a group of friends in Amsterdam with electric energy. Relying on traditional technology meant we had to use old car-type batteries, weighing over 60 kg and with the little energy they stored, we were forced to choose a very small around 50 LBS thrust motor, or we would not get past the 1,5h per battery charge. This gap in technology clearly is something that needs to change!’

The team of Boat Battery Swap

What was your reaction to finding out your project had been selected?

‘Awesome. We’re really happy with the expert jury recognition that this big plan is the right thing to happen in Amsterdam in the short term.’

In your opinion, why is creativity important in climate action and the transition to clean energy?

‘The word transition is used when things are more difficult than just changing some nuts and bolts. It demands for massive changes in adaptation, by lots of people who all have different needs. Only with a huge focus on bringing about creative business models, and on creative ways of bringing attention to these new models, can all those needs be met at a significant speed and with significant customer success.’