Balena has created BioCir™, a durable, flexible and bio-based plastic alternative that is wholly biodegradable in an industrial composting environment.

Founded in 2020, Balena is a material science company on a mission to create a sustainable future with its proprietary, fully biodegradable thermoplastic material: BioCir™. In the past, compostable plastic was not durable enough to be used in the production of consumer materials. BioCir™ is the first elastomer in the world that is fully compostable while also being durable, flexible, soft, and smooth. In this way, BioCir™ is setting the standard for compostable plastics, allowing consumers and brands to experience it exactly like the plastic materials they are used to — except that it is completely biodegradable in an industrial
composting environment. To that end, Balena has pioneered an ‘end-of-life solution’ to collect this material once consumers are done with the product, bringing it to an industrial composting facility where it will fully biodegrade in a matter of weeks. It is this combination of technical durability and 100% compostability paired with a sustainable end-of-life plan that sets Balena apart from others in the industry. In order to prove the circular potential of this material, Balena recently developed the BioCir™ Slides, the first product made entirely of BioCir™.

Balena are announced as the Secrid-backed winners of the Make it Circular Challenge demonstrating innovative solutions for a sustainable future.