How can new materials, new ways and new technologies contribute to societal innovation? Hear about practical approaches like do-it-yourself plastic recycling machines, sustainable new materials and how we can use innovative technology to change perceptions.

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Daniel Freitag

‘When we started, our company was not meant to become a brand or a business, though…

Anna van Nunen | Innofest

As founder of Innofest, Anna van Nunen is entirely into bringing together innovation, sustainability and the…


This is where the magic happens! After stepping off the main stage, most of our keynote speakers will be hosting interactive workshops and intimate roundtable sessions for you and a few other people. Check out some of the highlights.

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Virtual Reality for a Better Reality

May 25 | How virtual reality can enhance humanity in real life.

Hosted by Amp.Amsterdam

Take The Train To Zero Waste

May 24 | Design challenge with waste materials from renovated train interiors.

Hosted by NS (Dutch Railways)